The building blocks of life

  Image film /// BioSpring

After winning the pitch for an image film for BioSpring, we first had to dig deep into our half-knowledge of the natural sciences. The Frankfurt-based company, which currently has around 600 employees, is one of the global market leaders in the production of oligonucleotides, making it a key player in the development and production of drugs based on genome editing. And approached us in autumn 2023 on the recommendation of BIO Deutschland e.V. - for us, this is great proof that we have found friends in our favourite industry with our approach of getting to the bottom of complex topics instead of somehow emotionalising them.

A look into the future of medicine.

As so often, the challenge for our life science and biotech customers is to make expertise visible that operates on such a small scale that it cannot be visualised using traditional camera work. Nevertheless, BioSpring explicitly does not want an explanatory film. Rather, it is about resolving the alleged contradiction between global market leadership and the size of the company - another problem of the microscopic dimension of what BioSpring produces. After all, a product manufactured by BioSpring on the scale of a small supermarket purchase can cure up to one million patients.

The small global market leader

The unwieldy term ‘oligonucleotides’ refers to nothing more than chains of nucleic acids, i.e. snippets of DNA. If these gene sequences are inserted into a patient, previously incurable genetic diseases, for example, can be permanently cured. The fact that the world's first drug of this kind received a recommendation for approval at the end of 2023 clearly shows how far into the future the two managing directors of BioSpring were looking when they founded the company over a quarter of a century ago. This is what the image film has become first and foremost: A gripping documentary about scientists who are driven by a passion to find new ways to improve people's lives. And to find them.