Image Film /// Forschungszentrum Jülich

BIO.NRW – The Home Of Biotech

Of course, image films for a region rarely do without drone shots. But INVOLVE’s image film for the biotech location NRW shows how to not only convince with strong aerial shots, but also how to integrate them into original storytelling.

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Commercial /// Injection

We’re moving on!

At our booster appointment, everything goes fast: no sooner have you rolled up your sleeves than the thing is in. This gives INVOLVE a compelling idea: a hoody with an injection-friendly zip on the upper arm, as a commitment to vaccination.

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Teaser Campaign /// Life/2021

The Nephrology Campus

Summer 2021 – Corona continues to have a firm grip on the world. But with all the virtual congress formats, the longing for the concrete, the haptic, the tangible is growing. In order to design and implement several teasers for an international nephrology congress, INVOLVE left the world of pixels as far as possible.

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Campaign Film /// Treaty Alliance Deutschland


Street survey on the UN #BindingTreaty on business and human rights. INVOLVE conducted a »street survey« on Germany’s role in the fight for a just global economy for the 27 NGOs that have joined together to form the Treaty Alliance Deutschland. Result: the German government should reconsider its assessment that the UN treaty process does not deserve commitment because it is not an issue among the population.

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Campaign Films /// Südwind-Institut

Wissenschaf(f)t Gerechtigkeit

The Südwind-Institut is using the celebration of its thirtieth anniversary to recruit new members. Under the slogan »Wissenschaf(f)t Gerechtigkeit« (Science for Justice), the aim is to link up with current discussions about the role of science in political processes and to draw attention to the important function of civil society within these processes. INVOLVE is contributing the films and posters to the campaign.

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Recruitment Film /// NephroCare

Being a renal Nurse

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared 2020 the »Year of the nurse and midwife«. NephroCare is participating in the worldwide campaign to promote and recognise the important role of nurses and midwives in the development of global healthcare. For the operator of dialysis clinics around the world, INVOLVE is producing a film that not only celebrates nurses and midwives, but also promotes the special career path of a renal nurse.

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Moving Image Communication /// Freie Universität Berlin

Contestations of the Liberal Script

The Cluster of Excellence »Contestations of the Liberal Script (SCRIPTS)«, based at the Freie Universität of Berlin, analyses the worldwide crisis of the liberal models of order since the end of the Cold War. INVOLVE is the media partner responsible for the moving image communication.

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Animated Film /// Bundesprogramm Demokratie leben!


A participatory film project in which the much-discussed intensive offenders contributed not only their stories but also images, language and music.

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Congress Films /// Life/2020

The Future of Healthcare

How can data be used to further develop global health care and prevention? As an opener to this topic within a major medical congress, INVOLVE produces various teasers, of which some focus on the grand vision, others on the very concrete application of future technology.

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Intervention Films and Documentation /// Deutsche Fußball-Liga

Die Regionalkonferenzen 2019

For the series of events with police, football clubs and fan representatives on the topic of »Violence in Football«, INVOLVE was commissioned not only to accompany them documentarily, but also to break down existing routines and prejudices among the participants with several kick-off films.

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Campaign Film /// Change Process (anonymous)

Solution Thinker

A large life science company starts the internal change process »Solution Thinking«, which is to be launched with a kick-off film before the planned trainings, exhibitions and a poster series. INVOLVE shoots a »history film« for the first time.

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Short Documentary Series /// Fresenius Medical Care

Home Dialysis & Love of Life

With the now seven-part series of patient portraits, the health care group Fresenius Medical Care wants to ease the fears of people diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) about the impending need for dialysis.

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Feature Film /// without commission

Outside the Women

This semi-documentary film about sex and men’s fantasies behind bars portrays the difficult connection between erotic longing and misogyny.

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Animated Film /// ING Diba

Sprint IT

ING Diba celebrates its IT department (and a little bit itself) for implementing a complex process to permanently optimise its digital customer offerings. Nice. But how do you make a film out of it?

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 Theatre & Film /// Justizvollzugsanstalt Wiesbaden

Die Werft

2008 was the start of our long-term project Die WERFT. Since then, INVOLVE has realised more than 17 plays, dramatisations and film productions with prisoners in co-production with the Förderverein JVA Holzstraße as part of the funding programme »Demokratie leben!«

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