Gender & Inclusion

We welcome all people who visit our website or are interested in working with us, regardless of  their ethnic origin, social or biological gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or non-belief, political opinion or appearance.

Accordingly, we strive to use language that is precise and attentive, but also  usable, and therefore, after extensive discussion, we do not use alternative spellings such as underscore or gender asterisk. We use the generic masculine with a generic feminine alternately, meaning everyone in both cases.

However, in order not to receive applause from the wrong side, we would like to emphasise that we categorically reject cooperation with people and organisations that discriminate against or denigrate other people based on their ethnic origin, their social or biological gender, their sexual orientation, their religious beliefs or non-beliefs, their political opinions and their appearance. Likewise, we reject cooperations with people or organisations that consciously or  endorsingly participate in discriminatory or exploitative structures, whose  opinions or actions are  not in line with the democratic discourse, or who disregard the German Constitution or the UN Human Rights Charter.

Long story short:

Hate is not an opinion – a pimple on your ass is not a body part either.