Contestations of the Liberal Script

  Moving Image Communication ///
      Freie Universität Berlin

Since 2019, the interdisciplinary research consortium has been dealing with different dimensions of liberal models of order and their internal and external challenges. We have produced various formats for this purpose, which are intended to make research subjects, discourses and results accessible within the cluster as well as to the general public.

Documentary and animated formats for the scientific community and the general public

For this purpose, we are first developing a visual framework that makes it possible to process very different footage and use it with high a recognition value for websites, social media and live formats. The core elements of this framework is the consistent black and white look , the adoption of typographic elements from screenplays (scripts) and the transfer of elements from scientific typography into the video design.


»Faces of Scripts« is an ongoing series of short portraits in which we introduce PhD students and postdoctoral researchers and their research interests within the cluster. To minimise the time required for the protagonists, the total filming time per video is limited to 90 minutes. This is definitely a sporting challenge for the two-person team, but on the other hand it is also an interesting limitation that forces us to find clear aesthetic solutions without frills and gimmicks, which contributes to the highly relevant subject of the interviews.