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Die WERFT has become something like a small institution of off-culture in the Hessian capital. A venue of its own with 80 seats, waiting lists for tickets in the upper three-digit range and numerous prizes, including the Audience Award of the International May Festival and the Exground Film Festival, show that sophisticated productions on key social issues meet with a response. Especially when there is no talk about marginalised groups in society, whether right-wing radicals, Islamists or simply self-confessed criminals, but when these people are part of the artistic process.

Of collective laughter and the broad walk

With Die WERFT, we have attempted a very broad balancing act from the beginning: effective intervention work with young men at risk of extremism or extremists on the one hand, and on the other hand an artistic output that is not only interesting but also entertaining in the best sense for a broad audience. The genres used are diverse, from short film to performance, classical theatre productions, readings to multimedia art actions, everything is included. The genre in most cases is dramatic comedy. Sometimes a punch line that works is more helpful than an awareness of the problem - and such a balancing act hurts as it is. After 14 years of Die WERFT, we're going a little more wide-legged in any case.

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Bis in den Tod (Die Räuber)