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The animated film »Haytham« is based on numerous interviews we conducted with young prisoners at Wiesbaden Prison. From a wide variety of biographical episodes, INVOLVE formed the script about the fictitious Moroccan Haytham. 
In a similarly participatory process, our partner team from White Rabbit developed the illustrations with another group of prisoners and animated them into a semi-documentary animated film, whose music was also developed and recorded by composer Niklas Kleber in collaboration with the prisoners.

The film receives the audience award for the best short film at the Wiesbaden Exground Filmfest in 2018.

A not really fictional story about the spiral of longing and escape, guilt and violence.

After fleeing from Morocco, young Haytham ends up as an illegal on the outskirts of a large Spanish city. After unsuccessful attempts to finance his life as a scrap collector, he gets deeper and deeper into the city's criminal milieu and realises that he will inevitably become a murderer if he does not escape these structures. His renewed escape leads to the home of a single father and his young daughter, who treat him in like a member of the family. An apparent idyll. But the demons of the past lurk everywhere.

Exhibition »Täter« in the Walkmühle (Perpetrators)

An extension of the project to a multimedia exhibition, was on view from 26.04.19 to 05.05.19 at the Künstlerverein Walkmühle.

There were shown original drawings by the prisoners, interview excerpts with the real-life models of the film characters, production sketches and animation processes, a »making of« documentary, a concert with Niklas Kleber and, of course, the film itself.

On the project page of the White Rabbit Studio you can find further insights into the development of Haytham, especially on a visual level.

A hr2 Podcast was also recorded for the exhibition.


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