At the heart of democracy

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Astrid Wallmann has been President of the State Parliament of Hesse since May 31, 2022, and has placed an emphasis on open exchange with citizens.

Numerous formats, programs and an increased visibility in social media are intended to keep the parliament in mind as the "heart chamber of democracy« in Hesse and to cinematically accompany the president's many meetings with citizens and politicians.

High sensitivity with maximum reactivity

Political communication is an area in which a slip-up not only lurks around every corner - it also requires a level of actuality that we were not used to from other clients. For us as a production company, this means not only reacting quickly to circumstances that change at very short notice - but also differentiating ourselves from journalistic formats for transparent communication and political neutrality. At the same time, of course, we don't want to slip into soft-boiled lack of content.

Hessian Peace Award

With the Hessian Peace Award, the Albert Osswald Foundation and the Hessian State Parliament annually honor personalities who have made outstanding contributions to peace and international understanding. This year, the jury of experts in peace and conflict research chose Somali-Canadian human rights activist Ilwad Elman. Ms. Elman is thus honored for her commitment to the victims of gender-based violence and peace in Somalia. In addition to an in-depth interview with Ms. Elman, we are producing a short documentary on the award ceremony.

Visit of the Ukrainian First Lady

A special sensitivity is required for the visit of Olena Selenska, wife of the Ukrainian President, on November 27, 2022. The appointment, which is a demanding one in terms of protocol and for which it is unclear until shortly beforehand whether camera teams will be permitted and, if so, which ones, is of course about the war, but also about the situation of refugees in Hesse. Since no microphones are allowed during the conversation between Selenska and Wallmann, we have to rely on the power of images - and our president's recap.

Verfassungstag (Constitution Day)

On the anniversary of the Hessian Constitution, the first German constitution after the Second World War, we not only let the whole Presidium of the State Parliament have its say, we also put a facsimile of the original text, as it came into force by referendum on December 1, 1946, at the center of the spot - as a small invitation to take another look at the roots of Hessian democracy.

Imagefilm – DGS-Version

We produced the new image film of the Hessian Parliament (like most other formats) also in German sign language (DGS). It was important for us to really understand the expectations of those affected with regard to accessibility and therefore consulted extensively with deaf experts during the development of the design. Again, it should become clear: the honest invitation to the inner life of the state parliament applies to everyone.

Three questions for the Vice Presidents

Once we get the vice presidents of the state parliament in front of our lenses on the occasion of Constitution Day, we introduce them right away - in a snappy format, consisting of three questions that come so fast that there's even time for a short intro portrait.

The videos with the members of CDU, SPD, FDP and DIE LINKE as well as all other videos can be found here.