Home Dialysis & Love of Life

Short Document Series ///
     Fresenius Medical Care

For the series, we were able to win over people from various European countries who carry out their dialysis themselves at home and have thus retained a high degree of self-determination and flexibility. During the conception phase, we placed great emphasis on ensuring that the documentaries follow journalistic standards despite their promotional use. Thus, we negotiate a production setting with our client in which he has no influence on the content - as long as it does not contradict medical guidelines. The aim of the portraits is to produce small authentic documentaries that offer a realistic feeling for the possibilities and limitations of life on home dialysis - with a humanistic view on the protagonists and a classical narrative structure.


All films in the Hometreatment series are shot within two days in a two-person team. The centre of the production is a free one-hour interview. Based on the situations described there, we then accompany our protagonists in various everyday situations and shoot an average of four hours of raw material. This variety of different motifs and situations forms the basis for a montage that does not want to be an advertising but tells a life story in a nutshell.