Sprint IT

  Animated Film /// ING Diba

A look into the digital backstage

It's not supposed to be the kind of film where happy users simply do their banking with their gadgets - and nobody understands how it works. The brief is rather: »show staff and clients what our IT department has come up with.« Based on a storyboard from our partner agency New Cat Orange, we develop a film that takes a look at the backstage, machine room and lacing floor of the digital processes at the Frankfurt direct bank.


Premiere? Yes, completely done in Premiere!

A little keyhole look for the video nerds: »Sprint IT« is our first animated film. Since then, we have developed our skills further and now know how to use current compositing programmes. At the time of its creation, we were still a pure real film production - and so »Sprint IT« was actually made entirely in Adobe Premiere. Yes, it is possible!