We’re moving on!

  Commercial /// Injection

Using the hashtag #wirlebenschonmalweiter (we're moving on), a commercial advertises the alleged fashion label »Injection«. A special feature of the brand: the stylish hoody has a bright yellow zip on the upper arm - for faster boosting. If you take a closer look at the accompanying campaign, you will quickly realise that this is not about sweaters , but about regaining the sovereignty of opinion in social media.

Subversive and humorous symbols for vaccinated people

The campaign deliberately does not focus on persuasion. Rather, »Injection« is our contribution to making the silent majority of vaccinated people heard and visible. Trigger for the self-produced spot was the desire to not allow groups with a closed world view to occupy terms like resistance, rebellion, courage and commitment and to label all those who follow the vaccination recommendations as opinionless followers. In this respect, »Injection« wants to do both: give the virus the cold shoulder and show all ideologised opponents of vaccination the middle finger.

»Where can I buy the hoodie«?

After the most frequent response to »Injection« was the question where to buy the hoodie, we started looking for partners to produce it - and funders to continue the project. So if you know about crowdfunding, have an internet agency or even produce sustainable textiles, we would be happy to hear from you. Because we actually think »Injection« is too good to let it starve as a funny and snotty idea from a small film production.