Dancing with the machine

  Product spot /// Fresenius Medical Care

Astrid Wallmann has been President of the State Parliament of Hesse since May 31, 2022, and has placed an emphasis on open exchange with citizens.

To make this training more efficient, accessible and easier, Fresenius Medical Care has developed an AR application based on Microsoft Hololense II. Ready4 multiFiltratePRO AR is an app that guides users through the setup process in a reality augmented by virtual assistance. This procedure is now to be brought to customers and users in a short advert. As so often: fascinating technology - but how do you turn it into an exciting advert? At the end of the day, a person is standing in front of a complicated machine, waving his hands in the air and wearing glasses.

When it gets really technical: Let's dance!

Tapping and reaching into the empty space, these gestures are what inspire us to the decisive idea: A dance between man and machine, an artistic duel, a tango, an intimate moment of encounter. In Mei-Yun Lu from the Hessian State Ballet, we have found a sufficiently experimental and virtuoso protagonist. And in Frankfurt's Westside Studios, a sufficiently large camera robot with which we can capture this dance at high speed and with precision.

When it gets really technical: Let's draw!

The extreme but highly precise camera movements are also the prerequisite for adding the virtual elements - after all, the playful interaction between the nurse and the dialysis machine is only possible with virtual helpers in the AR glasses. In order to make them visible in the room without overloading the image with technical details, we return to the drawing table. Our partners from White Rabbit Studio translate the virtual elements of the app into scribbles that can be quickly grasped and, in perfect harmony with Mei-Yun, ensure clarity and lightness.