Being a renal Nurse

  Recruitment Film /// NephroCare

In order to cast the film as diversely as possible while keeping travel costs in check, we are shooting in clinics in Bydgoszcz, London and Paris. The film is based on extensive interviews with dialysis nurses. For the B-roll sequences, we accompany the protagonists in their work with patients for several hours.

Narrating great closeness with long focal lengths

In this project, we are able to convince our clients to completely dispense with staged scenes, pre-recorded interview questions and similar interventions. The aim is to be minimally invasive on location for such a long time that patients and nurses forget our presence as much as possible. In order to tell the story of the great closeness especially between renal nurses and their patients (in dialysis clinics patient and nurse often work together for decades), we opt for camera work from a tripod. This makes us less flexible, but gives us the opportunity to capture this special intimacy through long focal lengths.

In addition to the more documentary-like 7-minute version, we produce a teaser version for the different social media platforms. Again, the principle of making the communicative background, in this case recruitment, transparentbut convincing with a narrative style that is as honest as possible works. And for us that means: with actresses we shoot scenically, but if we have amateurs in front of the lens, nothing is scripted and nothing is staged.