Outside the Woman

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The idea for »Outside the Women« was born during our work for Die WERFT. Why do men in the exceptional situation of »prison« speak so disparagingly about the people they miss the most? Why is the mother always sacred, but the self-confident young woman a whore?

Those who are angry get casted

It was clear early on that »Outside the woman« had to be created as a free work outside our project commission. And that only a clever mixture of professional actresses and real, angry, despairing women could provide the ingredients that the semi-documentary approach calls for. The work on the film therefore begins with the question of how they can be identified and persuaded to cooperate. As a first step, we hang a provocative poster in all the departments of a German prison. The cliché works: not because prisoners actually apply for the casting, but because social workers at the prison give us clues as to which prisoners have torn down the poster. We talk to them and begin to conduct interviews.

From filmic observation to commentary

These interviews, some of which lasted several hours, were supplemented by background discussions with the women concerned, e.g. young female AVD officers, and became the basis for the script that was being written in parallel. Five young men with very different biographical relationships to women are accompanied through an everyday prison day. A challenging attempt, also for our team, and a balancing act between honest interest and the desire to drag the degrading thought patterns behind prison folklore into the light.