Wissenschaf(f)t Gerechtigkeit

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The Bonn-based Südwind-Institut has been campaigning for international economic justice for three decades and provides scientific foundations, among others for the formulation of an effective supply chain law.

Turning things upside down with a palindrome

In order to find a structure for the speaker's text that is as surprising as possible and illustrates the paradigm shift towards sustainability and justice, we write a palindrome, a text that can be read from the front as well as from the back and with a 180-degree reversal of content in the middle. This text is to be completed on the image level with a similarly eye-catching metaphor: hundreds of puzzle pieces fly through orbit and reassemble at the end to form our Earth. From destructive individual interests to global solidarity.


With numerous versions to a comprehensive campaign strategy

In addition to the rather philosophical and complex main film of the campaign, various versions for different media and channels are being produced in parallel. A classic poster campaign for the city centres of Bonn and Cologne, short clips with a clear call to action for social media. And finally, a series of short making-of clips, with which we superficially provide a glimpse »behind the scenes«, but which in fact pay back to the core message of the Südwind-Institut through the closing punch line and, with the claim »Wir blicken hinter die Dinge« (We look behind the curtains), also provide the customers with an anniversary slogan at the same time.

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Teaser 3


In the end, there are actually 7688 puzzle pieces of the earth that we first put together and then let fly through the vaulted cellars of the Walkmühle using a compressor. A Phantom Miro serves as the camera, which can record 1500 images per second in full HD. After numerous failed attempts that drag on for many hours, in the end it is only a few successful seconds that provide us with the desired material. And at the same time destroy the numerous puzzles that were created in three days of collective group work. Tearing down is sometimes not so much easier than building up.

Making Of