Solution Thinker

  Campaign Film

Patrons of the campaign are historical figures from science, art and society who have advanced human history in very different ways. But how do you present people like Marie Curie, Pablo Picasso, Rosa Parks or Christopher Columbus in such a way that the target group doesn't lose all courage to change because of reverence? Or they wonder why they weren't put in front of ZDF History in the first place?

Fictional key moments as inspiration for solution-oriented thinking

Our narrative trick is not to put the historical feat at the centre of the film, but the attitude with which our heroes may have stood out long before their breakthrough. We show the historical figures as children and adolescents in supposed everyday situations; which is an outrageous falsification of history, but in the process makes possible scenes that could have been key moments in world history. The result is a small speculative film about resistance, social norms and pioneering spirit.


Shooting takes place over two days with a ten-person team and a twelve-person cast on a really cold winter day in an abandoned industrial wasteland. Dolly tracks in deep mud, a huge butterfly frame and wind, explosions and child actors - this production really had everything that makes life so cruel and so beautiful for a film production.