The Future of Healthcare

  Congress Films /// Life/2020

The Power of Data - looking into the future with stock and scribbles

Two weeks, no budget for a reshooting, no space for a voice-over and a highly abstract topic: data processing in terms of global health care. That is the task for the teaser »the Power of Data«. After an initial rough structure is in place, the first step is to sift through all the video material from earlier projects and - where necessary - supplemented with stock footage. In order not to give the film too much of a typical IT look, we combine this material with rather sketchy animations and create a visual language that, despite the high-tech content, does not focus on the machine but on the people and their possibilities.

Using VR glasses to make dialysis patient training more sustainable

The healthcare company Fresenius Medical Care alone treated 346,553 dialysis patients worldwide in 2020 – with an increasing proportion of such patients  who perform their treatment themselves and need to be trained to do so. An enormous personnel, logistical and material effort that  could become more efficient and sustainable through the use of modern 3D training methods. To create interest and acceptance for this new technology, we shoot a fictitious training session with the prototype of the new VR glasses.