The President’s Tour Bus


Posted on August 18, 2022 at 23:07 PM

The President of the State Parliament, Astrid Wallmann, is on a summer tour through southern Hesse. We may accompany her in the tour bus, which has quite a few challenges in store.

The journey takes us to five stops with outstanding civil society projects and historic places of democracy. Initially with two colleagues from RTL, we try to capture not only the visits themselves, but also the work behind the scenes – because Astrid Wallmann gets right on the phone after almost every appointment and tries to organize political support for those she has visited. Unfortunately, the state parliament, probably in the interests of the taxpayer, has rented a bus with a rather unusual suspension. It is nearly non-existent. And so interior shots on the roads of Hesse, which are not always perfectly flat, turn into an acrobatic challenge. At least the state parliament is more generous when it comes to catering – the canapés are clearly the best of the year.

The summer trip of President Astrid Wallmann on the Hessian State Parliament Youtube Channel.

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